How to Change Door Lock Cages

If your old door lock isn’t working efficiently enough then you must make some small repairs or perhaps replace it altogether to improve your home security. If you notice any wear and tear in your old rusty door locks, then you should get immediate new replacements of both the old door locks as well as the new keys. Make sure that the new key matches with the other keys and that they are in the right positions. If they aren’t, then you can ask for assistance from a locksmith. This will help you in safeguarding your home from burglars who want to use your old lock as their stepping stone into your house.

If you have just had your house secured, then a security expert will advise you on what to do next. Most home security experts recommend that you change the door locks because old door locks provide maximum protection only when the keys are inside the house. This means that an intruder can break into your house before you have the time or money to call the police. For this very reason, many homeowners prefer to Change Door Lock at least every ten years.

The best time to change locks is when you move out or when the existing locks have worn out. This is because you will need new keys and the old ones won’t have the durability anymore. To change locks, you can either go for the keyless entry system or you can replace your existing deadbolt with a new one. With the keyless entry system, you don’t need key slots to keep the keys inside the house. However, keyless entry systems can be quite expensive.

If you decide to replace your existing deadbolt with a new lock, then there are certain steps that you must follow in order to ensure that you get a quality product. First of all, if you want to replace your deadbolt, then make sure that it has been properly oiled. This can be done by turning the assembly around several times and then examining the turn assembly for any burrs or rough edges.

When the turning process has been completed, look for the screw which can be found at the bottom-right side of the turn assembly. Remove the old door lock cylinder with its old screws and set them aside. Then slide off the spindle arm and take out its new turn assembly. Place the new lock cylinder in its respective slot and screw them down. Finally, reassemble the spindle arm and screw them down.

The last step is to place the spindle-arm in its corresponding slot. Turn the assembly around using its screws and keyways until it is locked in place. Put the new deadbolt at the top-center of the door’s jamb, screw them down and then reassemble the screws. You can now insert the keyhole slot’s washer and lock it into place. Tighten all screws and then turn the lock mechanism over to see whether it works as well as before.