Difference Between an Electrical Contractor and an Electrician

An Electrical Contractor is someone who performs specialized construction work relating to electrical systems, the installation, and maintenance of electrical equipment. Electrical Contractors are the ones who install and repair electrical equipment and also conduct any necessary studies related to electricity. Most of the Contractors find it easy to make a career in this field and can easily find a job in Electrical Contractors‘ National Association. The main purpose of this organization is to promote networking among Electrical Contractors and help them serve the construction industry in the country.

These Electrical Contractors usually work alone, but if there are multiple Electrical Contractors working for a construction, then the job would be divided into sub-contractors. The Electrician is the one who conducts specialized construction work like installing and repairing transformers and outlets, testing and maintaining the voltage and current. He is also responsible for the proper installation of electrical wiring in the construction site. While the Electrical Wiring Specialist tests and modifies the wiring system to ensure safety, he makes sure that the wiring fits perfectly with the requirements of the building structure.

There are various types of Electrical Contractors such as Domestic Electrical Contractors, Commercial Electrical Contractors, Industrial Electrical Contractors, Mobile Electrical Contractors, Plumbers Electrical Contractors, Fireman Electrical Contractors, Electrical Specialist, and Installation, Maintenance, and Repair professionals. Basically all the Electrical Contractors have to perform the same type of work, which is installation, repair, or design, but at different positions and under different titles. The main titles which an Electrical Contractor may be involved in are: Installation, Design, and Maintenance.

Electrical Contractors need to ensure that all the construction sites are safe and electrical wiring is installed properly, otherwise a major disaster may occur. Therefore, every project has a Safety Manual that contains the rules and regulations for Electrical Contractors on the job. This manual helps protect all the workers that may be involved in the installation, repair, and design of power transmission and distribution lines.

An Electrical Contractor can either become a Line Electrician or a Project Supervisor. A Line Electrician performs the works like setting up wiring for one house or is installing wiring throughout a construction project. If the Electrician is involved in installing lighting systems, then he is called a Project Manager. The duties of a Project Manager include approving and implementing all construction project specifications, and overseeing all the activities that are related to the safety of the workers and the community.

As you can see there are numerous differences between a Line Electrician and an Electrical Contractor. You should always choose the best Electrical Contractor that suits your needs. To get the best Electrical Contractors, all you need to do is to contact an electrician company near you. Most of the companies have websites where you can get all the relevant information about them. Once you’re done choosing the right Electrical Contractor, you can start off by submitting your project requirements and start preparing the blueprint of your house or office.